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What is headlight restoration ? It's a process in which we use sand paper along with a polish to refine your headlights. Oxidation build up, caused from the sun, heat, road debris and other weather elements, is why your headlights are foggy and have a haze. As a professional car detailer its my goal to bring awareness to every client to help them on the road. Visibility helps protect you and other on the roads and avoid you from blinding others with your high beams. 

Benefits of having them restored

  1. Remove oxidation

  2. Remove very light scratches

  3. Increase visibility and your safety

  4. Save you money from replacing them

  5. Helps maintain the value of your car or when you sell your vehicle



What is a engine detail? It's a process in which we can remove dirt and debris from your engine department. Methods of cleaning can be water or steam cleaning. We can also protect your plastic parts from fading and remove corrosion from your car battery. 

Benefits to having your engine detailed

  1. Help remove any spills 

  2. Remove corrosion from battery or components

  3. Help sell vehicle

  4. Help remove an foul odor with our undercarriage cleaning tool

  5. Show room ready for car shows



What is ozone and disinfecting? It's an machine which help removes and odor from vehicle while also killing the germs and bacteria in your vehicle.  

Benefits of ozone and disinfecting your vehicle

  1. Freshen up your vehicle

  2. Remove odors 

  3. Kill germs and bacteria

  4. Kill viruses

  5. Remove odors behind panels in vehicle



What is clay baring your vehicle? It's a foam of clay compound to help remove contaminants and other particles from your exterior paint. Car wash tunnels are unable to reach those particles with their brushes. Every vehicle has harmful particles such as, brake dust, dirt build up, and other substance that the visible eye can't see. 

Benefits for having your vehicle clay bar

  1. Smoother paint 

  2. Remove surface contaminants

  3. Helps wax, sealant or ceramic coating to bond properly to paint 

  4. Removes paint over spray 

  5. Can remove tree sap 



What is fabric and leather protectant? It's a process that takes place after we deep clean your seats. It's very important to have if you or your kids make messes often. The product forms protection on the top layer of your seats so spills, crayons, dye transfer become easier to clean. Its a spray coating so it takes up to an hour to fully bond to your leather or fabric seats. 

Benefits of protecting your seats

  1. UV resistant 

  2. Chemically resistant

  3. Hydrophobic resistant

  4. Self cleaning

  5. Resist dye transfer



Why should you replace your air filter? If you have a odor coming from your vents when your air or heat is running it may be time to replace your air filter. Your air intake vents are located outside your windshield which may have pick up a foul odor from running over an animal or having a dead rodent in your engine department. The air we breathe should be very important and taken seriously especially in our vehicle and which we operate daily. People don't understand how your cabin air filter can have debris and hold on to odors an which goes through your ventilation system and booms there is an odor. 

Benefits of having your airduct cleaned and cabin air filter check?

  1. Disinfect the air vents

  2. Freshen up vehicle

  3. Kills germs and bacteria

  4. Removes odors

  5. New cabin air filter 


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