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Experience Superior Paint Correction Services in Overland Park & Kansas City

Frequently Asked Paint Correction Questions

Why Would My Vehicle Need Paint Correction?

  • Your vehicle might require paint correcting to address various imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, water spots, bird droppings, and general wear and tear that diminish the appearance of the paint. Paint correction aims to restore the paint's shine, depth, and clarity by removing these flaws, ultimately enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

What Are Benefits of Vehicle Paint Correction?

  • Vehicle paint correction in Overland Park and Kansas City revitalizes a car's paintwork by eliminating imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, restoring its original shine and depth. This process not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also safeguards it against local environmental factors, thereby preserving its value and ensuring a lasting, attractive finish tailored to Overland Park and Kansas City conditions.


Stage 1 Paint Correction - Starting Price $497

This level of correction aims to enhance the overall appearance of the paint by improving gloss and removing minor blemishes without substantial paint removal.

Stage 2 Paint Correction -
Starting Price $697

This level of correction is suitable for addressing more severe defects like deeper scratches, heavier swirl marks, prominent oxidation, or other substantial paint imperfections.

*Price is based on vehicle size & condition

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Stage 1 Paint Correction:

Stage 1 correction is a lighter and less aggressive form of paint correction aimed at enhancing the vehicle's paint without significant paint removal. It typically utilizes mild abrasives, fine polishing compounds, and gentle buffing techniques to delicately address minor imperfections such as light swirl marks, minor scratches, faint oxidation, and hazing. This method is ideal for vehicles with relatively well-maintained paint that requires slight improvement in gloss, clarity, and overall appearance. Stage 1 correction provides a refreshed and more polished look while preserving a substantial amount of the clear coat, making it suitable for regular maintenance or as a prelude to more extensive correction processes.

Stage 2 Paint Correction:

In Stage 2 correction, the goal is to rectify more prominent flaws such as deeper scratches, heavy swirl marks, noticeable oxidation, and other substantial paint defects. To achieve a higher level of paint restoration and clarity, this method involves greater paint removal compared to Stage 1 correction. While it delivers a more comprehensive transformation, it necessitates careful execution to avoid excessive paint removal, ensuring the preservation of the paint thickness and clear coat integrity.

This approach requires experienced hands, as it strikes a balance between effectively addressing severe imperfections and safeguarding the paint's structural integrity. Stage 2 correction is particularly beneficial for vehicles with neglected or heavily damaged paint surfaces, aiming for a more thorough restoration, depth, and enhanced gloss.

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