Exterior Auto Detailing

At Fine Touch Cleaning Solutions, we provide various car hand washing services for most vehicle sizes. We use a safe and gentle hand wash method to prevent swirls and scratches. Each step will leave your vehicle spot, dirt and grime free. 

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Exterior Detailing Services

Auto hand wash. Car hand wash. Auto detailing. Car detailing.

Standard Wash

  • Vehicle is washed using Two Bucket Wash Method

  • Wheel faces, barrels, wheel wells, calipers, and tires are cleaned 

  • Vehicle is dried with car blower & microfiber plush clean towel 

  • ​Tires are dressed

  • Exterior window are cleaned

Prices:  $100 plus tax


*Sales Tax not included

Clay & Wax

  • Vehicle is washed using Two Bucket Wash Method

  • ​Clay Bar to remove foreign surface contaminates, strips previous coats, wax and sealants

  • Sealant applied - provides up to 1 month of protection

  • Wheel faces, barrels, wheel wells, calipers, and tires are cleaned 

  • Exterior window are cleaned

  • Quick interior vacuum

  • Quick interior wipe down of dashboard/center console, cupholders & doors only 

***Pet hair removal, Stain Removal , Leather treatment, wipe down of seats , or deep clean is NOT Included in this service. Please book a interior or a full detail package for this service.  


2D/4D Sedan – $179
Midsize SUV/Truck – $189
3rd Row SUV/Van/Lifted Truck – $199

*Sales Tax not included

Auto hand wash . Car hand wash. Car hand wax. Car wax detailing.
Auto headlight restoration. Headlight detailing. Car headlight restoration.

Headlight Restoration

  • Clean headlights

  • Wet sand to remove oxidation

  • Compound to refine clarity

  • Seal for protection so oxidation does not return.

Price: $100

*Sales Tax not included


Paint Correction


Ceramic Coating


Full Detailing


Interior Detailing

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